Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've found my niche

I have been trying so hard to find what will sell on Etsy...I make earrings, bracelets, key chains, phone charms, necklaces and guitar pick jewelry, and I've come to the conclusion that Guitar pick necklaces are the fastest sellers I've made! I have one guitar pick necklace that sells more than all the rest and that's the cross guitar pick necklace! The most popular one is the one in the picture above. I sold four guitar pick necklaces yesterday, two of which were the exact same one as the picture above, so I guess I will try to keep at least one of those guitar pick necklaces in my shop all the time! Sounds like a winner! =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cloisonne Butterfly Bookmark

Here is a listing I have on Etsy at , it's for a beautiful blue Cloisonne beaded butterfly bookmark. I decided to let the bookmark speak for itself!
I am a beautiful silver metal butterfly and my creator made me with gorgeous blue and white flowered cloisonne beads to make me special! I would really look sharp adorning on of your favorite books that you love to read! I'd just love to help you keep your place and save you from having to bend your precious book pages!
The bookmark that I hang from is a beautiful curvy 6 inches long and I just know you'd love me if you decided to adopt me!
Who could resist bringing that sweet butterfly bookmark into their home?

Butterfly Bookmarks Make Great Gifts

I've been thinking about gift giving and I thought to myself, "What would make a great gift and still have a reasonable price tag attached?" I came up with a great idea...Butterfly Bookmarks! I've just listed 2 new butterfly bookmarks in my Etsy shop called , and I really think that they would make a perfect gift for a teacher, just to let them know you appreciate them...or a friend!
My favorite butterfly bookmark is my black beaded wire mesh butterfly bookmark! It's so different than anything I've ever seen before!
Everyone loves to have a nice bookmark to keep there spot in there favorite book! Nobody likes to read a book that someone has bent the pages down trying to keep their place, it looks really shabby. Keep your books looking like new, try one of my butterfly bookmarks! And like I said before, butterfly bookmarks make great gifts for Christmas presents Birthday gifts or just letting someone know you care about them!

Who will love me for me?

That's a line from a song that I love so dearly; it's called "Love Me" and it's written and sang by JJHeller. She a Christian artist that I've been following for the last few years. I think she's become one of my favorite female Christian artist and I just wish she could catch a break and have the radio stations play some of her music, especially K-LOVE!
JJHeller has such a unique voice and her words form a very real message to the listener, one that is very heart felt! I find myself in tears so often as I listen to some of her songs! I'd have to say that my favorite one is the song "Love Me"...mostly because it shows how most of us want to be loved, no matter what we've done wrong or how unlovable we may seem. There is "One" who will love us no matter what we look like or what we've done in our past and that is God! The following is a YouTube video taken of JJHeller singing that song. Just listen to it and you will see why I love her singing so much! She is soooo sincere!
She's got some other songs that are really wonderful too; you can check her out on YouTube, but here are a few examples of her music.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Found the Deal of the Century Today

I found the deal of the Century today!!! I went to lunch with the hubby and I decided to drop my my favorite thrift store to see if there were any treasures there...sure enough...after skimming through some dresses that would never fit me...I waltzed of to the furniture section to see if there was anything there there that would float my boat...and sure enough there it was...a real wood maple full sized student desk!!! You'll never guess in a million years how much I paid for I'll tell was only, get this.....99 Cents!!!! That's right, less than $1.00!!!! Can you believe it? Even the knobs on the desk are worth more than 99 Cents!!!
So that tops my all time record of best deals, which was $24.99 for a working Kitchen Aide mixer! Before that my best deal was a full business sized Oak desk for $5.00!
I sometimes wonder if God is directing me to these specific thrift stores, just to bless me! God knows how much I looooove to shop!!! =)
Well....I am sooo happy about my new maple desk, has a few scratches on it, but i could be refinished and be worth a bunch more than I paid for it! I'm really happy with it just the way it is! =)
So if you feeling bored...check out your local thrift store, because you just never know what kind of treasure you may stumble upon! =)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Support Our New President

I have chosen to remove all of my post about Obama vs. McCain from my blogpost, due to the fact that I want to be a good American Citizen and support our new President, just as John McCain said we should do!
We are all Americans and we need to pray for our President. We must lay aside our differences and throw our support behind our new President and at least give him a chance to prove himself!
I appreciate all of those who posted comments on my previous blogs about the elections, and I hope you are o.k. with the fact that I want to stay on a positive note, in hopes that it will help all of us become one Nation, not a Divided Nation!
So whenever you think about it, pray for the President! It will help our Nation become stronger and live up to our name...'The United States of America!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Newest Guitar Pick Bracelet

I was recently contacted by a very nice person on Etsy and she requested that I design a guitar pick bracelet that she could purchase. She asked me to make a guitar pick bracelet, much like the guitar pick necklace that I make, with the sparkle cross on the guitar pick.
I went right to work and created this guitar pick bracelet! I took 5 pictures of it and then went to my Etsy site,, and I posted it reserved for this woman; well she bought it right away! I guess she liked the guitar pick bracelet I created! I liked it so well, I think I'll create more guitar pick bracelets to sell in my shop!
I know a lot of teen girls and guys that would love to wear a guitar pick bracelet along with their guitar pick necklace. I would like to make myself a set that matches!
Even though I make jewelry, you'd be surprised, I really don't make myself a ton of things! It seems that every time I create something new, I think to myself..."Oooh...that will sell!"
There are so many things in my shop that I'd love to own myself...well...maybe some day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well...we have a new President!

I woke up to the news that Barack Obama has become our new President!
I know there are many people who are thrilled....but I'm not quite sure what to think. In a way I'm happy because he will be great with talking to the foreign power leaders that may be causing us issues in the future. He has a better handle on his temper than McCain would have. I didn't really like the idea of searching out my own insurance, which was McCain's plan....but I did love McCain's stance on the life of the unborn child! Each man had his strengths, but each one also had his problems. There really was no perfect choice this time.
I just pray that it all works out alright...I know ultimately God is in control!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is the End Near?

Wow! So many things happening in all areas of the World, so much turmoil and confusion! Is the end near? What is going on? Our economy isn't the only one who's suffering, what about the whole rest of the World? What's going on?
Well...maybe the the question "Is the end near?" is a good question to be asking yourself these days! Maybe it's time to research what the Word of God says about what is suppose to happen in the end times!
I accidentally came across a broadcast on t.v. yesterday called "The Jewish Voice" and it was talking a lot about that very subject, "Is the End Near?" There were some men on a panel talking about the end times and how Islam will play into the end time they will be deceived into thinking that the Anti-Christ is their Messiah, thought called by a different name than Christian's Messiah. They are going to follow this man because there Koran tells them that there will come a man who will usher in a 7 year peace agreement with the Middle East. This same man will enter into the Holy place and proclaim himself to be God...and then anyone who doesn't believe will be beheaded. Sounds incredible, but that's exactly what the Anti-Christ is suppose to do! So they are deceived by thinking that is their Coming Promised One!
If you'd like to hear the same video that I listened to, you can check out: and listen to the video on the top center of their page....Islam panel #3. Just click on that and watch the video. You may be surprised at all the amazing information they are talking about on there!
After you've watched it, you may be asking yourself, "Is the End Near?"
Is cash going to be eliminated from our system? Will there be a one World currency and a one World religion? These are just some of the things that Christians have been talking about for over 40 years that I know of from my own experience...and I've seen it become quite possible for all of those things to come to pass in just my last few years. I remember seeing movies about not being able to buy sell or trade without the "Mark of the Beast", but now it could very easily become a reality with all of the high tech things that have been's all ready and just waiting to be set into motion! You've heard of the Veri-chip, I'm sure...well it's alive and fact a lot of the Mexican people have been getting them surgically implanted in themselves, due to that fact that a lot of them are being kidnapped and held for Ransom...they think this will protect them, because once they push a button they authorities will be notified that they are in trouble and will be able to locate them because of the Veri-Chip they have in their bodies!
If in fact the end is near, then where are you going to end up, Heaven or Hell? The choice is up to you, but don't take too long to make up your mind because you have no idea how much time you really have!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Choice of Life

I was just looking through the YouTube videos and I came across a video that brought tears to my eyes; it's a video of Mark Schultz singing as song called "Everything to Me" and I just sat here and cried my eyes was so heart wrenching! It's a video that shows how very grateful this young man is that his mother chose to give him life!

There are so many young woman that have to make tough decisions when they become pregnant. Will they keep the child? Will they have the child aborted or will they make the choice of life?

I can speak only from my own experience and I can tell you that if you choose to abort your child, the memories of that tragic day will haunt you the rest of your life! Oh, how I wish I would have thought about the other options available to me and not just taken the easy way out!

Yes...I was young, at the age of 17, but that was no excuse for the choice that I made, I could have chosen to give that child life. I know that God has forgiven me, but I don't think I'll ever be able to really and truly forgive myself for the choice that I made!

I am so sad that I went to Planned Parenthood, because they really don't tell you about other options. They just explain the the medical terminology of an abortion, telling you it's just a piece of tissue...but there was a woman sitting next to me crying her eyes out, she knew it was more than just a piece of tissue...oh how I wish I would have talked to her more, maybe we could have talked each other out of staying there an ultimately ending the lives of our children. That was so long ago, but it still remains a vivid memory for me and I regret the day it happened.

I can only say this to those who are contemplating abortion, 'Please look into other choices; I know it seems like abortion is the easy way out, but trust me it is not! That is a child within you and you are the one who decides if this child will have life or not, so please make the right choice, choose life!"

Watch this video and see how something you might think is a tragedy can be turned into a miracle! The choice of Life is up to you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guitar Pick Necklaces for Christmas or Birthdays

How would you like to give someone you know who loves music a gift that they'll love? I think that a guitar pick necklace is a great gift for any guy or girl who loves music! I have seen people of all ages enjoy wearing a guitar pick necklace! Teens especially love the corded guitar pick necklaces...they are very popular these days!

Guitar pick necklaces are very light weight so it doesn't hurt your neck to wear one, which is a plus for those who have issues with neck pain.

I think that guitar pick necklaces would make an awesome gift for Christmas; it's perfect for a stocking stuffer! Or maybe you know someone who's going to be having a birthday...a guitar pick necklace is a very nice gift and the prices are very affordable!

Do Something Nice for Someone Today!

When was the last time you just decided that you would do something nice for someone, and not expect anything in return? Most people wake up in the morning only thinking about what they need to do today in order to get ahead. What if we woke up in the morning and said to ourselves, "What can I do today to make someone else happy?" What a different World it would be if everyone woke up with that thought on their minds!
It doesn't have to be cost you anything to be nice to someone, maybe it's even just spending time with someone who needs your company! Maybe it's just deciding that today will be the day you give away free smiles! Sometimes just a smile can change some one's life...just knowing that someone actually cares enough to smile at them. Maybe it's saying something nice to someone at work, who you would normally ignore. Maybe it's lending a helping hand when you see someone struggling to lift something...the possibilities are endless!
So when you wake up tomorrow morning, instead of concentrating on what you can do for yourself, think about what you can to do change other's lives! We can make a difference in this World, one life at a time!

Are you ready?

Have you ever stopped to think about eternity? What will happen when you leave this earth?
I think about this a lot more now that I'm older! When I was younger, I really didn't think about it too much. I took for granted the days ahead of me....thinking I was somehow invincible.

I think a lot of people think that same way these days...never thinking about what could happen in the wink of an eye! I see it on the news all the time; young people's lives cut short. Do you think that they woke up that morning thinking about eternity...most people don't really think about it. These young people really thought that they had many years before they'd have to even worry about that kind of thing....but they were wrong! They thought they could just live there lives care free and doing whatever they wanted, even if it hurt other people, possibly doing things such as fighting, cheating, lying, stealing, damaging other people's property, driving drunk, maybe even killing.

People need to stop and think for a moment...where do I stand with God? Think about it right this very moment, because you never know when your life might come to an end! You are certainly not guaranteed tomorrow!

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes unto God but through me"
The Bible says that "All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God" and it also says, "Whoever calls on me shall be saved", speaking of Jesus. How simple it is...just a simple prayer...just admitting that you have done wrong and you realize that you need Jesus to help you change...and you are willing to turn from doing wrong and try every day to live like you know God would want you to! God knows your where you are weak, so ask Him for strength in that area. Remember that the Devil also knows where you are weak and he will try to tempt and trick you where you are the weakest, so be on the lookout for him. The Bible says that the Devil comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy! The only hope you have is to ask for God's help! God wants to help you over come the enemy because God loves you! God only wants what is best for you!

Our time on Earth is not guaranteed so please...think about where you stand with God...before it's too late!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My First Main Treasury

I cannot believe it! I finally snagged my first main treasury page! I just sat and waited patiently and then *Bam* there it was... available and I got it!

I was so thrilled to finally be able to display some of the most beautiful blends of Black...White...Pink....that I could find! These colors just scream girly! I had been saving up these beautiful items in my favorites on my Etsty site, and I finally was able to combine them to make a treasury that I am really pleased with!

I chose to include one of my Best Freinds, Anastasia @ because she has been such a blessing to me. She just happened to have the perfect shade of pink to blend into my treasury. I was thrilled to see her sell her crocheted pink baby hat really quickly! That just confirms what I keep saying about her shop, she's so talented and has wonderful prices, how could anyone resist the temptation to buy her things!

I know that I just bought the cutest little Pink and Brown Poncho the other day and when it arrived I had tears in my eyes! It was so beautiful! She did an amazing job on it! She even scalloped the edges with pink! It's adorable! Then to top it off, she included 2 cross magnets, a pink one for my daughter that is going through a high risk pregnancy, and a blue one for me...she wanted my daughter to know that she was praying for her! Talk about a kind heart! =)

I hope the more treasuries I do, the more friends I'll make, because we all know that friends are more valuable than money! =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Consignment sales of guitar pick necklaces

I never dreamed that I would have my guitar pick necklaces on consignment somewhere, but thanks to a dear friend of mine from Church a while back it is happened!
I started out with just some phone charms on consignment and then they allowed me to add in some key chains. I was so blessed by their kindness! Then one night one of the people in the bookstore said, "I love that necklace!" My husband said, "Oh, she makes those!", so that guys says, "Why aren't we selling them in the bookstore?" The rest is history! =)
I told him I could make the guitar pick necklaces with crosses on them or with WWJD or even a dove, and he loved the idea and said, "We even have 'Pick Jesus' guitar picks that would look nice on a necklace!" I whole heartedly agreed!
I then began to make up a bunch of guitar pick necklaces and I brought them in for him to see...he loved them and put them on display for sale! I was thrilled to say the least!
I went in last week and found that 19 of the 23 necklaces had sold! So I made up 23 more guitar pick necklaces and they put them on consignment! I was soooo happy!!! I am so excited to see what God will do with my little...I know how He has always taken care of me and He's always been my guide!
I thank God that He guided my friend that day to help me be accepted into our Church bookstore; my friend had faith in me and he prayed that God would bless my jewelry business! I'm so thankful he did!!! =)

Monday, July 28, 2008

MattsCraftyWife a wonderful Etsy shop!

I've been chatting on a buy and stay thread on Etsy for some time and I also belong to a thread called the Christian Artisit Street Team, CAST for short and I've met the neatest lady! Her name is Anastasia and her shop's name is and she's got some of the cutest crocheted items I've ever seen and at such reasonable prices! She has been such a blessing in my life, because her items are of such great quality, but at the same time her prices are set where I can afford to buy more than just one thing! I've bought several things from her and I intend to keep on buying from her because she has become one of my dearest friends on Etsy! She's such a hoot to talk with and she's so bubbly, and the joy of the Lord shines through her words. Though we have never met, I feel like I've known her for years! =) One day I hope we can connect in San Diego, because she has an Aunt that lives there...and I my husband's family lives in San Diego! =)
If you want some wonderful Crocheted items and you would love to get items at reasonable prices, then may I suggest you pop into Http:// shop and see what kind of treasures you can find! =)

Treasuries are such a blessing

I have so many wonderful friends at Etsy who help me to get more sales that I would ever get on my own. They are so very sweet to help me by putting my creations in their treasuries that they create! It's a way for others to see a group of someones favorite picks!
Speaking of picks....I just got picked for a really nice treasury by a good friend on Etsy. Her name is Kelli and her shop's name is and she's a really sweet person I talk to almost every day. It's such a blessing to be picked for a treasury...and I appreciate each and every one I have been in!
Listed above is another treasury I was listed in...mine is the pink guitar pick necklace. is the one responsible for creating this lovely treasure listed with my pink guitar pick necklace in it!
I love making guitar pick necklaces, they are the most fun to create! The guitar picks are fun to drill and fun to string! I think I love guitar pick necklaces most because I love playing guitar and singing so much!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Treasury!

I finally did my very first Etsy Treasury! I didn't think that I could figure out just how to make up a treasury, but I read the instructions and I did it!
I was so glad I took the step of faith and gave it a shot!
It only lasted 2 days, but I really loved putting it together! It makes you feel good to honor other Etsians with there wonderful talents!
If you page down on my blog you'll see the purple one that says, "My First Treasury" and that's the one I did! =)
I hope it made a lot of people happy! I know it always makes me happy when someone lists me in their treasuries! =)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How do you lead a loved one to the Lord?

I am just wondering, what is the best way to lead a loved one to the Lord? Do you set them down and tell them that God loves them and that they need to be saved? Or do you threaten them with Hellfire and Brimstone?
I know that I have tried all of the above in my past, but I have also found that none of the above has worked for me! You can't lead someone to the Lord if the person doesn't feel the Holy Spirit tugging at their heart. It just won't happen!
I have found that just living your life in the strength of the Lord, along with loving and caring for your loved one, is the best way to reflect the love of God, and as the end result, your loved one will be drawn to the Lord.
Have you every heard the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?" I have found that to be so true when trying to lead the ones I love to the Lord. It just can't happen when I am pushing and shoving them to the cross. I believe that we just need to pray for our loved one to respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit in their lives! Pray for God's protection over them and ask the Lord to gently lead them to the one who loves them enough to die for their sins.
So, the next time you feel like cramming God down someone's throat, think twice! Don't try to force your beliefs on them, just live the life that Jesus asks you to live and soon those you love will see the beautiful love that radiates through your life and want to be a part of it themselves!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Church Bookstore Will Now Carry My Guitar Pick Necklaces

I've been waiting so long for the chance for a store to allow me to place my guitar pick necklaces for sale on consignment! Finally I got and invite from our bookstore last week to bring in some of my Christian guitar pick necklaces. I made some up and brought them in to the bookstore and they loved them and they took the whole display of the guitar pick necklaces and other Christian symbols that I had made.
I used magnets on all of the black satin guitar pick necklaces. I also made some of the guitar pick necklaces with the waxed cotton cord. I figure I will try to appeal to both tastes in people! I also made some of my Christian guitar pick keychains and they loved those as well. So far my most popular item has been the guitar pick necklaces.
Our church bookstore has already placed my beaded cell phone charms in their bookstore, which is an amazing blessing in and of itself, but
I also feel so blessed to be able to have my Christian guitar pick necklaces and other Christian necklaces that have been accepted at our church bookstore. It's truely an honor! They will never know how much it means to me that they believed in me enough to take my things in on consignment! They have truly changed the direction of my life!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How does your life touch others?

I often sit and ponder the question, "How does my life touch others?" I think about how I act and interact with other people in every day tasks. I also think about how I might treat a waitress or waiter.
Just stop and think for a moment, how does your life touch you treat others with respect? Are you kind? Would they be able to tell by your actions if you are a Christian or not?
I spend a lot of my time chatting on I belong to the C.AS.T. (Christian Artist Street Team). When I speak to others on there, I pray that God will use me to lift them up and comfort them when they are feeling pain or loss...or maybe just having an off day. I hope that my few words will make a difference in their lives! I know that these people have made a difference in my life! They have faithfully prayed for my families, friends, and myself. I have seen many answers to prayers!
Think about how you treat people when you're driving down the road...are you courteous? I know it's easy to just drive by someone as they are trying to get into the flow of traffic from maybe a gas station or convenient store. If we just leave a car length when we see someone sitting there trying to get out of the parking lot, give them a smile and a nod, they most likely will pull out in front of you. Such a simple task can be such a blessing to others!
What if you're driving down the road and someone puts their blinker on and wants to get over in front of you? Do you kindly slow up a bit and motion them into your lane?
I have one lady that I have dealt with on Etsy that has blessed me beyond compare. Her name is Laurie! I have lots of people that I consider dear friends on Etsy...more than I can list here, but Laurie has blessed me more than she'll ever know! She has become a very dear friend! She writes me covos all the time and shares so many cute stories with me! She makes me laugh!
She has also been an amazing customer, she keeps ordering things from me and when she sends her check for the items, it usually comes at just the right time, when things are tight financially! I know for a fact that God has used Laurie Ryan to bless me! I truly feel that God sent her into my life to give me the encouragement I need to keep doing what I do, making jewelry! Just when I'm feeling that I'm just being overlooked on Etsy, Laurie comes a long and buys something from me....of all the people on Etsy, and it makes my confidence soar again!
Laurie does beautiful photography! I have two of her tiger photos mounted in oak frames and hanging on my wall in my living room. They are so bright and clear! If you'd like to check out her site, here is her website: Feel free to bless her by either getting something from her shop or dropping her an encouraging convo! She's a wonderful person to work with!
So you see how you can bless others, by praying for others, being kind, saying a kind or lifting someones spirit! Be encouraging to others, because you'll never know what a difference you could make in their lives! Lord bless you all!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are we getting close to the coming of the Lord?

My pastor just got back from Israel and has personally seen and spoken to the Jewish people there; he has told us that the plans for building the temple are in place. They even have some of the items on display! The also have the red heifer that was spoken of in the Bible, Numbers chapter 19, and it is without spot or blemish is ready for the first sacrifice.
The temple is where the anti-christ will stand and proclaim himself to be God. I believe that the Muslims and the Jewish people will make a pact to allow the temple to be built on the temple mount, perhaps splitting the temple mount into half for each of them.
Christ return is eminent, it's all just a matter of time and I believe the time is growing closer every day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fight the good fight!

My precious friend, Cindy is going through the fight of her life, breast cancer. Everytime I see her or hear from her on the phone, she makes me laugh. She has such a wonderful sense of humor and she has touched more lives than she knows!
She is a single mother trying to raise her precious little girl and then she got hit with this horrible disease, cancer! I know how much she loves her little girl and how much she loves life! I just pray that God will give her strength as she goes through this really tough time in her life.
She had to have a double mastectomy and she also had 12 lymphnodes removed and 8 of them were cancerous. The doctor said they had gotten all the cancerous lymphnodes and a fat globul that was in the lymph area, it was also cancerous.
Cindy's strength is more than amazing, and I know if she can beat this cancer on shear will alone, she can do it! I'm pulling for her and I pray for her every day! She's so precious to me!
As you read this blog, please say a prayer for my friend Cindy, she so loves life and she could really use your prayers! Thanks so much!

I also wanted to update the fundraiser for cancer research that my friend Kelli is doing. If you buy from one of the following shops, they are donatiing a specified portion to help in the battle against breast cancer!
This is her chat thread on our Etsy forum:

This is a copy of that forum...please keep in mind...this is Kelli who is going to be walking in this fundraiser:

Together we can help to fight Breast Cancer. These wonderful sellers are contributing to my fundraising effort for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.On July 12th and 13th of this year I will be walking 39 miles in an effort to support those who have battled Breast Cancer and for those who have lost a loved one in their battle with Breast Cancer.If you would like to contribute to this promotion please let me know. Our theme is "LOVE CURES ALL." - donating 20% of selected items: $5 profit from her pretty Flower Ring: - donating 50% of the profit from Selected Baked Goods & Knits: - donating a pink guitar pick necklace-Here's a link to it:Http:// is donating 100% of the proceeds (except shipping) from this item: 50% of the profits from: 100% profits from: 100% of profit (less shipping) 20% of profit from: 20% profit from: is donating 50% of every sale within each of her stores:*All money raised should be deposited directly to the Avon Walk fund on the Avon site at: shows how much has been raised and who made the donations. I will keep it updated.Thank you!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

When the light meets the darkness

What can you do if you are light and the path you take intersects you with someone who is in darkness? Do you confront it, or are you just close your eyes and sit quite and let is pass by? How about speaking what's on your heart? What if it offends someone?

All of these questions are very simple, but the answers are much harder to find! God asks us to not be ashamed of Him. He also asks us to be kind to one another. He asks that we would treat others like we wish to be treated. Are we wrong to get angry when we cross the path of one who is in darkness and they throw God in your face or mock you?

I'm curious....what do you do when you are confronted with darkness?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How can we end homelessness?

I've been thinking about homeless people lately and wondering if there is a way to help them get back into the stream of the working society and help them take back their independance.
I think that there should be some kind of government program that helps them get back on track, but I wonder how many people would actually do it. Some of the homeless don't really want to work, they would rather depend on others to give them what they need to survive.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a heartless person, and I know that their are people who have fallen on hard times, I'm not speaking of those type of people; I'm talking about the people who refuse to do anything to get back into society and be productive.
Another thing to consider is the fact that a lot of people who are wanted by the law are hiding behind a full beard, dark glasses and a cap, and they are able to escape the authorities because they have no way to track them down. When you work, you have to show your Social Security Card, that way the government can track you're income and know where you are.
If somehow it were illegal to be homeless and you would be taken into custody and taken to a facility that could help you get back on track, not put in jail or fine a person, but some kind of a holding facility until you did comply.
There is a panhandling law, but the officers don't enforce it! It's very uncomfortable for me to pull up to a light and have someone trying beg money for whatever, you just never know what they're going to use the money for. I'm not going to judge them, but I know for a fact a lot of them are not using it for a good use. I've seen plenty of them scamming and then go to the nearest liquor store or worse. Don't get me wrong....I have given money to people before if I felt there was a honest need, but it's been few and far between, because most of the time I feel they are lying to me.
I've given money before and I've bought food for homeless people who have asked for help, but I've also had people get angry and refuse to accept the offer. They actually got very angry and cussed me out for implying that they weren't able to handle the money that I should give them and felt as though I was making them seem incapable of making their own choices. All I did was offer to go to Jack-in-the-Box and buy them food! Ugh!
Lets do something to get these people back into the working force of our society! Make them get a job, if they are able, or go to facility until they decide to comply! If they are not physically able to get a job, get them disablility or if they aren't mentally capable, get them the help they need and get them off the streets!
I don't know what can be done, but I know that the each state could find some kind of jobs to help these people get back into the flow of society, it would benefit everyone!
Tell me what you think! What do you think could be done to help these people and at the same time, keep those who are criminals from having a place to hide out and blend in with those who truly do need help?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Reach Out to "The Lost Boys"

I was asked to attend a special presentation of "The Lost Boys" and I accepted. Little did I know what I would hear that evening as I sat in amazement at what this young man had gone through in his life! We as Americans are so blessed and we don't even realize how other people in this world live or what they have to go through to survive.
As this young man spoke of the terror that his young eyes has seen I was genuinely touch and knew at that very moment that I must do what I could to help this young man's cause.

So, I have chosen to give 10% of each sale I make on my handmade jewelry at in support of a very worthy charity called "The Lost Boys." These young men were caught in the middle of the fighting in Sudan, Africa, parents were killed and these brave young boys had to run to escape certain death; eventually some of them were able to be placed in America as refugees. If you'd like to learn more about "The Lost Boys", check out their website:

Guitar Pick Necklaces for Teens

I've noticed that a lot of teens wearing guitar pick necklaces. I'm so glad that this trend of wearing guitar pick necklaces has finally caught on! I've loved guitar pick necklaces for years and even though I'm older, I still love my guitar pick necklaces.

If you have a teenager, just ask them if they know anyone who wears guitar pick necklaces and you'll see that they have become more popular than ever!

I believe guitar pick necklaces will forever be a sign that you love music and you can show it proudly by wearing your favorite guitar pick necklace! =)

So, maybe you feel you're too old to wear one...then buy a guitar pick necklace for a child or grandchild for that matter. You'll be helping promote the love of music!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guitar Pick Necklace or Bracelet for Music Lovers

I just happen to play guitar and I think that a cool way to show the world I love music is to wear a cool beaded guitar pick necklace, and it just so happens that I love to make my own guitar pick necklace to wear, so I decided that it would be cool to go on the website for crafters and sell them to the public! If you think that you would like to wear a guitar pick necklace too, then check out my hand beaded guitar pick necklace website at: and you can show the world that you love music too! I hope you enjoy looking an my other hand beaded jewelry and other creations! I will always love my guitar pick necklace style most of all!

How to Live Music

Music is a big part of my life. It all started back when I was a baby. My mother used to sing to me all the time. I still remember the beautiful songs she used to sing to me at night time and I would gently fall into a deep peaceful sleep with music in my mind and heart. Those are wonderful memories and I cherish them today!
I believe that if you teach a child music when they are young they will grow up to love it! It will help them to grasp the concept a lot more easily than those who have had no music training in their lives! One way you can teach your child about music the fun way you can check out this cool website:
It is a fun way to make learning music more fun! =)
I love music sooo much that I wear a guitar pick necklace for my jewelry, and I also make guitar pick key chains, guitar pick bracelets, and guitar pick earrings. That's just one of the ways I show the world I love my music and it's a great part of my life! You can view some of my guitar pick jewelry at my website:
Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it! =)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hand beaded jewelry makes a great gift

When trying to find that perfect gift for someone who has everything, think jewelry! I think that just about everyone can use some kind of jewelry! Anything from Key chains to cell phone charms from earrings to Lanyards!
Most companies use lanyards for holding their company I.D.'s on. There are plenty of cheap shoes string lanyard/badge holders out there for sell, but how about something that shows a little more class. Most guys are stuck with the dull plain shoe string designs, but now there is a choice! Check out the unisex lanyards that are available on
There are also elegant hand beaded lanyards for the woman who wants to show her she's got good taste!
I know that I was inspired to create these hand beaded lanyards to help people of all kinds to feel good about having to wear a badge card to work! Hopefully you will go to the above website and check out the great lanyards. They would be great for giving as a gift for the person who has everything!

Guitar Pick Necklaces

Guitar pick necklaces are the coolest necklaces for music lovers of all ages! If you love to sing, listen to music, or you play a guitar, then a guitar pick necklace will reflect that to the world. I happen to think it's neat to have a different colored guitar pick necklace to match the outfit that you are wearing that day! They look great on guys or girls!
I think that guitar pick necklaces are great for people who are in bands, because they would be a great gift to throw out to the crowd at the end of a night!
There are a lot of guitar pick necklaces out there on the internet for sale, but I believe that some of the coolest on the net! More than guitar pick necklaces, this site also has guitar pick key chains and most of them are made with the marble effect Fender guitar picks which are really nice looking guitar picks!
Celebrate Music and wear a guitar pick necklace! It can also cause people to approach you and ask you why you're wearing it, or they might say something like, "Hey, do you play guitar?", so it could open up an opportunity for promoting your band, or if you're not in a band, it would be nice for opening up dialog or even making a new friend!