Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learn why it's so important to stay hydrated

People don't realize how sick they can become if they don't stay hydrated! The whole body's wellness depends on keeping every cell in your hydrated. You can avoid many illnesses by staying hydrated with living water.

I wanted to learn more about this, so I began to search the YouTube videos and I came across this amazing doctor who teaches people why it's so important to keep hydrated. He actually explains being hydrated, and he gets right down to the nuts and bolts of our whole body's system and how it works!

I haven't really thought much about being hydrated until recently and now that I've learned how important it is to stay hydrated, it's all I want to read and learn about!

I hope you enjoy the following video, and I hope you learn a lot about staying hydrated and how the body functions! If you go on YouTube, you will find the full 7 videos in regards to good health! For some reason video #2 had been removed from YouTube.

Hidden toxins in our food

There are so many hidden toxins in our food; some which we can wash off with either a natural veggie wash you can buy at the health food store and some people swear by using a 12.5 ph water that is produce by a water ionizer machine. Either way, it's important for us to limit the toxins we know about, because there are so many toxins that are bombarding our immune systems!

I recently learned about the toxin known as MSG and how it can affect children with Autism. I had no idea this food additive was so bad! Many toxins sneak their way into our food chain through unsuspecting sources. Fast food places are notorious for using MSG to make you love their food and they know you'll be back for more because it tastes so good! They really don't care how the toxins they use in their food is affecting you or your children!

So, before you buy your next burger or chicken nuggets meal, think twice about what your putting in your body or your child's body. You have the power to make the choice! Make sure you make the right choice, for your and your child's health sake!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can a Water Ionizer Help You Drink More Water?

My sister and brother in-law recently purchased a water ionizer and they called me to come over and fill up my five gallon container of water. Well, I thought to myself, "What could the water ionizer possibly do for me?" I went over to their home and they let me use the water ionizer to fill up my own five gallon jug. I took it home and began to drink the water.

I'm not one for drinking just water; I generally have to sweeten whatever I'm drinking; be it tea or lemon water. I always add Stevia sweetener, but there was something different about this water. It went down really smooth, tasted great and I was able to polish off a glass of it in just a few minutes and then wanted more! What had this water ionizer had done to the water? Well, they invited me to go to their website: read up on water ionizer machines. I found out they make alkaline water, which is very important because we as Americans eat very acidic foods and usually drink soda at every meal!

I have been going over to my sister's house once a week to re-fill the jug with the water from their water ionizer and I have to admit, I absolutely love the water and I haven't had a soda in five weeks, nor do I desire to drink one! I tried on a pair of pants that gaped about 4 inches one month ago and now I can fasten them with no problem!

So I'm thinking that maybe I need to purchase one of these water ionizer machines for myself! I have seen first hand what it's done for me and I've heard many testimonies that have convinced me that their is something to this alkaline water that this water ionizer machine has to offer. If it can help my body to heal itself, then I'm all for it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What was Christian Bale thinking?

What has happened to Christian Bale? I just heard on the news that Christian Bale spoke to one of his crew members in a disgusting manner and I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the video! Christian Bale...what gives you the right to speak to anyone like that? We are all created equal and really, if someone does something wrong, correct them and move on, don't rip them up one side and down the other; that's sickening...really!!!

I think that movie stars or anyone that treat others in that manner have serious problems and could use some kind of counseling. Something had to be going on with Christian Bale for him to blow his cool like that! I mean really....correct the guy then move on, don't just stand there and rip on him over and over again, trying to start a fight! What else is eating Christian Bale that would cause him to flip over something so simple as that?

All I can say is Christian Bale has lost my respect and I personally will not be seeing anymore movies that this guy is in! No one human being deserves to be treated like that and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that guy files a law suit against Christian Bale!