Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hidden toxins in our food

There are so many hidden toxins in our food; some which we can wash off with either a natural veggie wash you can buy at the health food store and some people swear by using a 12.5 ph water that is produce by a water ionizer machine. Either way, it's important for us to limit the toxins we know about, because there are so many toxins that are bombarding our immune systems!

I recently learned about the toxin known as MSG and how it can affect children with Autism. I had no idea this food additive was so bad! Many toxins sneak their way into our food chain through unsuspecting sources. Fast food places are notorious for using MSG to make you love their food and they know you'll be back for more because it tastes so good! They really don't care how the toxins they use in their food is affecting you or your children!

So, before you buy your next burger or chicken nuggets meal, think twice about what your putting in your body or your child's body. You have the power to make the choice! Make sure you make the right choice, for your and your child's health sake!

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mattscraftywife said...

Great blog post. All the things they put in our food, including MSG, I believe have an effect on our health, causing cancer and many other ailments! Thanks for bringing it to people's attention :)