Monday, January 28, 2008

Reach Out to "The Lost Boys"

I was asked to attend a special presentation of "The Lost Boys" and I accepted. Little did I know what I would hear that evening as I sat in amazement at what this young man had gone through in his life! We as Americans are so blessed and we don't even realize how other people in this world live or what they have to go through to survive.
As this young man spoke of the terror that his young eyes has seen I was genuinely touch and knew at that very moment that I must do what I could to help this young man's cause.

So, I have chosen to give 10% of each sale I make on my handmade jewelry at in support of a very worthy charity called "The Lost Boys." These young men were caught in the middle of the fighting in Sudan, Africa, parents were killed and these brave young boys had to run to escape certain death; eventually some of them were able to be placed in America as refugees. If you'd like to learn more about "The Lost Boys", check out their website:

Guitar Pick Necklaces for Teens

I've noticed that a lot of teens wearing guitar pick necklaces. I'm so glad that this trend of wearing guitar pick necklaces has finally caught on! I've loved guitar pick necklaces for years and even though I'm older, I still love my guitar pick necklaces.

If you have a teenager, just ask them if they know anyone who wears guitar pick necklaces and you'll see that they have become more popular than ever!

I believe guitar pick necklaces will forever be a sign that you love music and you can show it proudly by wearing your favorite guitar pick necklace! =)

So, maybe you feel you're too old to wear one...then buy a guitar pick necklace for a child or grandchild for that matter. You'll be helping promote the love of music!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guitar Pick Necklace or Bracelet for Music Lovers

I just happen to play guitar and I think that a cool way to show the world I love music is to wear a cool beaded guitar pick necklace, and it just so happens that I love to make my own guitar pick necklace to wear, so I decided that it would be cool to go on the website for crafters and sell them to the public! If you think that you would like to wear a guitar pick necklace too, then check out my hand beaded guitar pick necklace website at: and you can show the world that you love music too! I hope you enjoy looking an my other hand beaded jewelry and other creations! I will always love my guitar pick necklace style most of all!

How to Live Music

Music is a big part of my life. It all started back when I was a baby. My mother used to sing to me all the time. I still remember the beautiful songs she used to sing to me at night time and I would gently fall into a deep peaceful sleep with music in my mind and heart. Those are wonderful memories and I cherish them today!
I believe that if you teach a child music when they are young they will grow up to love it! It will help them to grasp the concept a lot more easily than those who have had no music training in their lives! One way you can teach your child about music the fun way you can check out this cool website:
It is a fun way to make learning music more fun! =)
I love music sooo much that I wear a guitar pick necklace for my jewelry, and I also make guitar pick key chains, guitar pick bracelets, and guitar pick earrings. That's just one of the ways I show the world I love my music and it's a great part of my life! You can view some of my guitar pick jewelry at my website:
Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it! =)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hand beaded jewelry makes a great gift

When trying to find that perfect gift for someone who has everything, think jewelry! I think that just about everyone can use some kind of jewelry! Anything from Key chains to cell phone charms from earrings to Lanyards!
Most companies use lanyards for holding their company I.D.'s on. There are plenty of cheap shoes string lanyard/badge holders out there for sell, but how about something that shows a little more class. Most guys are stuck with the dull plain shoe string designs, but now there is a choice! Check out the unisex lanyards that are available on
There are also elegant hand beaded lanyards for the woman who wants to show her she's got good taste!
I know that I was inspired to create these hand beaded lanyards to help people of all kinds to feel good about having to wear a badge card to work! Hopefully you will go to the above website and check out the great lanyards. They would be great for giving as a gift for the person who has everything!

Guitar Pick Necklaces

Guitar pick necklaces are the coolest necklaces for music lovers of all ages! If you love to sing, listen to music, or you play a guitar, then a guitar pick necklace will reflect that to the world. I happen to think it's neat to have a different colored guitar pick necklace to match the outfit that you are wearing that day! They look great on guys or girls!
I think that guitar pick necklaces are great for people who are in bands, because they would be a great gift to throw out to the crowd at the end of a night!
There are a lot of guitar pick necklaces out there on the internet for sale, but I believe that some of the coolest on the net! More than guitar pick necklaces, this site also has guitar pick key chains and most of them are made with the marble effect Fender guitar picks which are really nice looking guitar picks!
Celebrate Music and wear a guitar pick necklace! It can also cause people to approach you and ask you why you're wearing it, or they might say something like, "Hey, do you play guitar?", so it could open up an opportunity for promoting your band, or if you're not in a band, it would be nice for opening up dialog or even making a new friend!