Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hand beaded jewelry makes a great gift

When trying to find that perfect gift for someone who has everything, think jewelry! I think that just about everyone can use some kind of jewelry! Anything from Key chains to cell phone charms from earrings to Lanyards!
Most companies use lanyards for holding their company I.D.'s on. There are plenty of cheap shoes string lanyard/badge holders out there for sell, but how about something that shows a little more class. Most guys are stuck with the dull plain shoe string designs, but now there is a choice! Check out the unisex lanyards that are available on
There are also elegant hand beaded lanyards for the woman who wants to show her she's got good taste!
I know that I was inspired to create these hand beaded lanyards to help people of all kinds to feel good about having to wear a badge card to work! Hopefully you will go to the above website and check out the great lanyards. They would be great for giving as a gift for the person who has everything!


Renee of Guiding Light Candles said...

Great post! I don't have to wear an ID but I have seen some pretty tacky generic ones! Yours are great.

Charsbeads4u said...

Thank you Renee...that's quite a compliment! I love making lanyards and when I see guys with those cheaper shoe string ones, I so want to go up to them and hand them one of mine! =)
Thanks again!