Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are we getting close to the coming of the Lord?

My pastor just got back from Israel and has personally seen and spoken to the Jewish people there; he has told us that the plans for building the temple are in place. They even have some of the items on display! The also have the red heifer that was spoken of in the Bible, Numbers chapter 19, and it is without spot or blemish is ready for the first sacrifice.
The temple is where the anti-christ will stand and proclaim himself to be God. I believe that the Muslims and the Jewish people will make a pact to allow the temple to be built on the temple mount, perhaps splitting the temple mount into half for each of them.
Christ return is eminent, it's all just a matter of time and I believe the time is growing closer every day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fight the good fight!

My precious friend, Cindy is going through the fight of her life, breast cancer. Everytime I see her or hear from her on the phone, she makes me laugh. She has such a wonderful sense of humor and she has touched more lives than she knows!
She is a single mother trying to raise her precious little girl and then she got hit with this horrible disease, cancer! I know how much she loves her little girl and how much she loves life! I just pray that God will give her strength as she goes through this really tough time in her life.
She had to have a double mastectomy and she also had 12 lymphnodes removed and 8 of them were cancerous. The doctor said they had gotten all the cancerous lymphnodes and a fat globul that was in the lymph area, it was also cancerous.
Cindy's strength is more than amazing, and I know if she can beat this cancer on shear will alone, she can do it! I'm pulling for her and I pray for her every day! She's so precious to me!
As you read this blog, please say a prayer for my friend Cindy, she so loves life and she could really use your prayers! Thanks so much!

I also wanted to update the fundraiser for cancer research that my friend Kelli is doing. If you buy from one of the following shops, they are donatiing a specified portion to help in the battle against breast cancer!
This is her chat thread on our Etsy forum:

This is a copy of that forum...please keep in mind...this is Kelli who is going to be walking in this fundraiser:

Together we can help to fight Breast Cancer. These wonderful sellers are contributing to my fundraising effort for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.On July 12th and 13th of this year I will be walking 39 miles in an effort to support those who have battled Breast Cancer and for those who have lost a loved one in their battle with Breast Cancer.If you would like to contribute to this promotion please let me know. Our theme is "LOVE CURES ALL." - donating 20% of selected items: $5 profit from her pretty Flower Ring: - donating 50% of the profit from Selected Baked Goods & Knits: - donating a pink guitar pick necklace-Here's a link to it:Http:// is donating 100% of the proceeds (except shipping) from this item: 50% of the profits from: 100% profits from: 100% of profit (less shipping) 20% of profit from: 20% profit from: is donating 50% of every sale within each of her stores:*All money raised should be deposited directly to the Avon Walk fund on the Avon site at: shows how much has been raised and who made the donations. I will keep it updated.Thank you!!!!