Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wolf Guitar Pick Jewelry

Wolf guitar pick jewelry has become quite popular these days!  I've noticed that wolf guitar pick jewelry is one of the fastest selling pieces I carry in my shop.  I can hardly keep them in stock!
The wolf has been thought of as an animal of great wisdom, especially in the Native American culture.  Many consider the wolf to be a spirit guide.
Many people buy guitar pick jewelry to give as a gift, especially at Christmas time because it makes a really nice stocking stuffer.  Sometimes it's hard to purchase a necklace for someone, so that's why I created my wolf guitar pick necklace with an adjustable sliding knot, so it can adjust to just about any size neck, making gift giving a snap!
I hope you will check out the wolf guitar pick jewelry in my shop at GuitarPicks4U.  I know the wolf lover in your life would love to receive a piece of wolf guitar pick jewelry for Christmas!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Christian Jewelry for Teens

I have been creating a lot more Christian Jewelry for teens lately.  I have realized that there is a real desire for Christian Jewelry for teens in today's society, kind of like the Jesus Freak days, back in the mid 70's when I was in high school! 
There is a lot are a lot of different types of Christian Jewelry for teens, some are guitar pick necklaces, and others would be crosses or Jesus fish, which is well known as a Christian symbol.  Teens are faced with great temptations in this days society and I feel that when buying Christian Jewelry for teens it's important to keep in mind that these young people are faced with great opposition to Christian Jewelry.  Some are even mocked and ridiculed for wearing pieces of jewelry that show their faith.  But I look at it this way, if they are able to stand up and not be ashamed of their faith, then the will be able to take on the World when rough times come! 
I was inspired to create Christian Jewelry for teens due to the fact that I  have a teenage grandson and he has a girlfriend who loves jewelry.  I love making angels with all kinds of different wings, and I've found I love using varying types of beads to give contrast in my angels.  I like using crackle glass beads, which I also sell on my website CharsBeads4u.com and I also sell my angel wings on the same site.
Making Christian Jewelry for teens is so fun because most teens love the black faux suede or the black leather cords and those are very fun to work with.  If you feel inspired why not try creating some Christian Jewelry for teens and you might even end up keeping some of your designs for yourself to wear!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jewelry Supplies Sold in Bulk Saves You Money

I have been making jewelry for about 7 years now and I have finally found the key to making jewelry more affordable.  My secret is buying my jewelry supplies sold in bulk!  When you buy your jewelry supplies sold in bulk you are cutting your cost for your jewelry supplies almost in half, and sometimes more, so you can afford to sell your jewelry at a lower cost and that makes a lot of folks really happy in an economy like ours.

The more you search for jewelry supplies sold in bulk the more you will find that you were paying way to much for your jewelry supplies that you normally just buy a few of.  The larger the quantity of jewelry supplies you buy, the more you will save.  Now a lot of people cannot afford to buy huge quantities to obtain the largest price break when buying their jewelry supplies, but the average person can afford to buy in quantities of 100 pieces or so and you will notice a big difference in what you'll pay compared to the small quantities such as 5 or 10 of the same pieces.

So when searching for jewelry supplies, remember to always search for jewelry supplies sold in bulk and it will save you a ton of money in the long run!  Check out CharsBeads4U for larger quantities and remember that you can always ask for larger quantities of jewelry supplies, most suppliers are open to that kind of a request.  Have a wonderful time creating!

Aanraku Bails vs Off Brand Bails

I have been doing a lot of searching for bails and I have found that Aanraku  Bails are a very popular bail in the jewelry industry.  The Aanraku Bails can be used for such a variety of things, such as using them for Scrabble tile necklaces, glass marbles to create a pendant which make lovely necklaces, you can also attach them to dominos and add a picture to the front for a really cute pendant!
The Aanraku bails are very popular, but I have found in doing my research that Aanraku bails are also very expensive compared to the competition.  For example, I found a place selling the Anraku bails for $25.00 for only 50 bails, and CharsBeads4U sells a very similar, but heart shaped bail for only $15.00 for 100 pieces, that is one fourth the price you'd pay for Aanraku bails!

The heart shaped bails that you see pictured above are really cute and they are way less expensive and in this economy who wants to spend a bundle on anything, let alone a simple bail for a pendant!
I found out that the company who holds the Trademark for Aanraku bails has such a hard time telling the difference that they actually have to order them from different supply stores to actually hold them in their hands to tell the difference.  If they have trouble telling the difference, then why would anyone pay more?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angels Around Us

Do you ever wonder if there are angels around us?  I am constantly thinking about his subject, wondering how many angels I might have guiding me and guarding me.  If you have read in the Bible about angels you have probably wondered the same thing.  The Bible says that God appoints angels to watch over us.  I know that there are angels around us, but we cannot see them with our human eyes.

 I have seen first hand how these angels around us protect us at times when we are in critical danger!   One day I was driving on the freeway, it was only 2 lanes Southbound on the I-10 just South of Phoenix, when all of the sudden the truck that was in front of me carrying 55 gallon drums lost one of it's drums right in front of the company truck I was driving!  I was so fully loaded down with huge electric motors, welders, and generators that I couldn't dare swear to miss this huge barrel that was bouncing right toward my truck, but I called out the name, "Jesus!" and all of the sudden that barrel looked as though a huge angel must have swept it sideways to the left of me, allowing me to pass by unharmed!  The barrel then bounced behind me and a huge semi-truck caught it right under it's front grill and had to slowly come to a stop.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that very day that there are truly angels around us.

The angels around us are very powerful beings!  I make angels out of beads and I have an angel charm that I attach to my purse to remind me that the angels around us are constantly watching over us and protecting us as we go through this life!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guitar Jewelry Rocks

I love music and I love to display my love for music through wearing jewelry.  My favorite instrument is a guitar because it's so portable.
I decided that it would be really cool to create some guitar jewelry, so I picked up on of my guitar charms and strung it on a 2mm black leather cord.  I love it!
I'm sure some of you music lovers out there will love it too so I decided to make one and add it to guitar jewelry that I have on my website.  If you'd like to take a peek at my guitar jewelry just copy and paste this website into your browser- www.GuitarPicks4U.com
Look forward to hearing what you think about my newest guitar jewelry!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Husband is the Biggest Fan of my Guitar Pick Bracelet

Have you every loved something so much and wanted to share it with someone and they could care less about what it is that has your world rockin'?  Well I have and it's no fun, but that's not the case with my husband!  He's probably one of the most supportive husband's in the world when it comes to anything I have my heart set on, including my creations of my guitar pick bracelet. 
My husband will come home at the end of a hard day at work, sit down at his normal comfy spot on the couch, open his laptop and pull up my websites to see if anything sold that day.  It's adorable, really, I can hardly keep from smiling.  I just love when his eyes light up and he says, "Hey, did you see that you sold your black cross hologram guitar pick necklace today?"  Lately it's been his passion to see my black cross guitar pick bracelet sell.  He couldn't be more proud!  It's because I made him my model, I put a black guitar pick bracelet on his wrist and took a picture and used the picture to post on my website.  He is so very proud of his gorgeous wrist being in one of my pictures!   In fact, he's so proud that he breaks out his Blackberry phone at Church in our Coffee shop, where we hang out with our friends, and he shows them the picture of him wearing my guitar pick bracelet.  He quickly adds, "That's *My* wrist there in that picture!"  It's everything I can do to keep from busting out in laughter! 
My husband cracks me up because he knows everything about my guitar pick bracelets!  He could make one from start to finish and I had no idea he could do that until he proudly informed me that he had taken apart the knot in his guitar pick bracelet because he decided that he thought it should be a little tighter than it was.  "O.k. smarty pants!",  I told him.  I guess he's been paying closer attention that I even noticed as I sit and create a guitar pick bracelet.  I guess he has the perfect view of what I'm doing, because he sits right across from me at an angle.  He sits there and throws out his ideas saying, "Hey, I think you should make an emerald green guitar pick bracelet with a Celtic cross on it!"  So I do, and sure enough it sells!  Actually I didn't sell it, but my husband did, by showing his guitar pick bracelet to a guy at our Church who's a close friend....too cute!
I don't know who gets more excited when I sell a guitar pick bracelet or guitar pick necklace off of my site!  Sometimes in the middle of the day I'll get a phone call from my husband, and all he wants to tell me is that I just sold a guitar pick bracelet one hour ago!  I chuckle to myself and think, "How blessed I am to have a husband who loves me enough to take such an interest in what I'm doing!"