Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Husband is the Biggest Fan of my Guitar Pick Bracelet

Have you every loved something so much and wanted to share it with someone and they could care less about what it is that has your world rockin'?  Well I have and it's no fun, but that's not the case with my husband!  He's probably one of the most supportive husband's in the world when it comes to anything I have my heart set on, including my creations of my guitar pick bracelet. 
My husband will come home at the end of a hard day at work, sit down at his normal comfy spot on the couch, open his laptop and pull up my websites to see if anything sold that day.  It's adorable, really, I can hardly keep from smiling.  I just love when his eyes light up and he says, "Hey, did you see that you sold your black cross hologram guitar pick necklace today?"  Lately it's been his passion to see my black cross guitar pick bracelet sell.  He couldn't be more proud!  It's because I made him my model, I put a black guitar pick bracelet on his wrist and took a picture and used the picture to post on my website.  He is so very proud of his gorgeous wrist being in one of my pictures!   In fact, he's so proud that he breaks out his Blackberry phone at Church in our Coffee shop, where we hang out with our friends, and he shows them the picture of him wearing my guitar pick bracelet.  He quickly adds, "That's *My* wrist there in that picture!"  It's everything I can do to keep from busting out in laughter! 
My husband cracks me up because he knows everything about my guitar pick bracelets!  He could make one from start to finish and I had no idea he could do that until he proudly informed me that he had taken apart the knot in his guitar pick bracelet because he decided that he thought it should be a little tighter than it was.  "O.k. smarty pants!",  I told him.  I guess he's been paying closer attention that I even noticed as I sit and create a guitar pick bracelet.  I guess he has the perfect view of what I'm doing, because he sits right across from me at an angle.  He sits there and throws out his ideas saying, "Hey, I think you should make an emerald green guitar pick bracelet with a Celtic cross on it!"  So I do, and sure enough it sells!  Actually I didn't sell it, but my husband did, by showing his guitar pick bracelet to a guy at our Church who's a close friend....too cute!
I don't know who gets more excited when I sell a guitar pick bracelet or guitar pick necklace off of my site!  Sometimes in the middle of the day I'll get a phone call from my husband, and all he wants to tell me is that I just sold a guitar pick bracelet one hour ago!  I chuckle to myself and think, "How blessed I am to have a husband who loves me enough to take such an interest in what I'm doing!"

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