Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Passion for Creating Guitar Pick Jewelry

I've been creating jewelry for over 6 years now. I must say there have been many changes in the way I create my jewelry, every so slight sometimes, but never the less it's all a learning process.
I've recently become focused on guitar pick jewelry because I enjoy music and I love spreading that joy onto others through my guitar pick jewelry creations! I hope that each piece of guitar pick jewelry that I make will touch that person's life in some way.
I recently acquired some really gorgeous colors of picks that I've been using to create my guitar pick jewelry with. One of my favorite colors is the turquoise, but the purple, hot pink, emerald green and gunmetal black are all beautiful to use in my guitar pick jewelry creations!
I love making all kinds of guitar pick jewelry, such as guitar pick earrings, guitar pick necklaces, guitar pick bookmarks, guitar pick key chains, and last but certainly not least, my newest creation, adjustable guitar pick bracelets! They've become quite a hit! My husband says it's because he modeled the guitar pick bracelet for a picture I use in my GuitarPicks4U shop online! I have to laugh because every time I sell one of those guitar pick bracelets my husband's face lights up and he chuckles, it's really quite amusing!
I hope that my passion for creating guitar pick jewelry will supply a way for me to bless others as well as bless my husband through the extra income that it will bring into our home. My husband works so hard and sometimes I feel like I don't contribute very much, but through the creations of my guitar pick jewelry I hope to be able to take some of that burden off of my husband.
I hope you will all come and visit my two shops: GuitarPicksJewelry4U as well as ChristiainJewelry4U, they both have a lot of different choices for gifts and I've tried to keep my prices reasonable enough for anyone to afford. I hope you come visit me sometime!


Becky Kleiner said...

wow, love it!!

Charsbeads4u said...

Awe...thanks so much Becky! I went to look at your blog and when I read your interests I found we have a lot in common! =)
Great to meet you!