Monday, June 14, 2010

Abby Sunderland is One Brave Girl

Can you imagine letting your child drive to the next state at the age of 16 years old? There is no way that most parents would allow that, but this brave girl ventured out to sail around the world! I have to give her props for having the guts to set out on such an incredible journey. I can't imagine what her parents must have felt the day they saw her sailing away out into the vastness of the ocean.

Most teenagers have a sense of adventure, but Abby Sunderland is one brave girl. Imagine having the courage to leave your family behind as your turn your attention to the great unknown adventure that awaits you. I have to say that it does sound tempting, but just the fear of the things that could possible happen I would think would deter most teens that age, and if we're being totally honest, I believe it would deter almost anyone, but this brave girls decided to take the chance of a life time.

I can't imagine the fear in the parents hearts when they heard that their little girl was stranded in the middle of the ocean! I have a feeling that their faith in God must have kicked into high gear at that point, I know that I stopped and prayed the moment I heard that this young brave girl was lost in the huge ominous ocean.

I thank God that this young lady was able to be rescued and was not lost in what could have been a terrible tragedy; I hate to think how this situation could have ended.

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