Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New Guitar Pick Necklace Shop Is Open for Business

I've finally made the plunge! I had been contemplating opening a new shop for many years now, I decided that it would be a good business move because it seems that the guitar pick necklace seems to be the most popular item in my jewelry store online. I decided that most people who would prefer a guitar pick necklace would rather have an all guitar pick necklace shop as opposed to having to shuffle through all the other jewelry I have listed in my CharsBeads4U shop. That's when the idea of opening my new shop, which I named GuitarPicks4U. I figured that guys would be more likely to purchase a guitar pick necklace from a site that only sells guitar pick necklaces and not women's jewelry. The thing is...a guitar pick necklace can be worn by either females or males.
My customers range from teenagers to seasoned musicians. Some people like to purchase a guitar pick necklace because they want to take it with them to a Concert. It makes a great gift to throw on stage. I've been to many concerts where the musician will throw out a guitar pick or a drum stick at end of the night...and I think that a guitar pick necklace would be a great it item to toss out into the crowd at the end of the night...much more useful that a drum stick or just a guitar pick!
I love music and I put my heart into making the guitar pick necklaces that I display in my GuitarPicks4U store. I hope you'll come by and visit me some time!

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