Monday, April 12, 2010

Wordless Bible Bookmark

My husband came up with the wonderful idea of a wordless Bible bookmark. I decided to buy some crystal beads and make a wordless Bible bookmark and ask some people what they thought of it. Everyone I've shown them to love them. Most people know the story of the wordless Bible: Gold represents heaven, where we long to be some day with Jesus...Black represents our sins that keep us separated from God...Red represents the Blood that Jesus shed for us upon the cross where he died for our sins...White represents how we are white as snow before God because of what Jesus did for us, he paid our debt in full....Green represents the new Life or growth in Jesus Christ.
The wordless Bible bookmark is an excellent way to remember the story of the Good News. I think the wordless Bible bookmark would make an excellent gift for a new believer or a fellow Christian! It would be a wonderful way to share the Gospel too, and you could give it to the person you share the Gospel with, as a momento of them coming to the Lord.
I love the wordless Bible bookmark because of what it stands for, because it holds the story of the Gospel!
You could find this wordless bible bookmark at along with many other amazing creations.

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