Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy Come Easy Go....guitar pick necklaces...front page Google

I have no idea what happened....I really was on the top of the front page of the Google search for guitar pick necklaces. I just looked again and I'm not on fact I searched guitar pick necklaces and I was bumped way'd in the world did that happen?

I hadn't blogged on my blogspot site in a long time, so I was shocked when I did the guitar pick necklace search and saw my name at the top of the front page. So I thought to myself...I'll blog a little and see if that keeps me on the front page, then I went back and did a guitar pick necklace search and lo and behold....I was not there!

Who knows!!! Oh well....I had my few seconds of Glory! =) It was good while it now it's gone....

Easy Come....Easy Go.......

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