Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angels Around Us

Do you ever wonder if there are angels around us?  I am constantly thinking about his subject, wondering how many angels I might have guiding me and guarding me.  If you have read in the Bible about angels you have probably wondered the same thing.  The Bible says that God appoints angels to watch over us.  I know that there are angels around us, but we cannot see them with our human eyes.

 I have seen first hand how these angels around us protect us at times when we are in critical danger!   One day I was driving on the freeway, it was only 2 lanes Southbound on the I-10 just South of Phoenix, when all of the sudden the truck that was in front of me carrying 55 gallon drums lost one of it's drums right in front of the company truck I was driving!  I was so fully loaded down with huge electric motors, welders, and generators that I couldn't dare swear to miss this huge barrel that was bouncing right toward my truck, but I called out the name, "Jesus!" and all of the sudden that barrel looked as though a huge angel must have swept it sideways to the left of me, allowing me to pass by unharmed!  The barrel then bounced behind me and a huge semi-truck caught it right under it's front grill and had to slowly come to a stop.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that very day that there are truly angels around us.

The angels around us are very powerful beings!  I make angels out of beads and I have an angel charm that I attach to my purse to remind me that the angels around us are constantly watching over us and protecting us as we go through this life!

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