Saturday, June 23, 2012

Christian Jewelry for Teens

I have been creating a lot more Christian Jewelry for teens lately.  I have realized that there is a real desire for Christian Jewelry for teens in today's society, kind of like the Jesus Freak days, back in the mid 70's when I was in high school! 
There is a lot are a lot of different types of Christian Jewelry for teens, some are guitar pick necklaces, and others would be crosses or Jesus fish, which is well known as a Christian symbol.  Teens are faced with great temptations in this days society and I feel that when buying Christian Jewelry for teens it's important to keep in mind that these young people are faced with great opposition to Christian Jewelry.  Some are even mocked and ridiculed for wearing pieces of jewelry that show their faith.  But I look at it this way, if they are able to stand up and not be ashamed of their faith, then the will be able to take on the World when rough times come! 
I was inspired to create Christian Jewelry for teens due to the fact that I  have a teenage grandson and he has a girlfriend who loves jewelry.  I love making angels with all kinds of different wings, and I've found I love using varying types of beads to give contrast in my angels.  I like using crackle glass beads, which I also sell on my website and I also sell my angel wings on the same site.
Making Christian Jewelry for teens is so fun because most teens love the black faux suede or the black leather cords and those are very fun to work with.  If you feel inspired why not try creating some Christian Jewelry for teens and you might even end up keeping some of your designs for yourself to wear!

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