Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How do you lead a loved one to the Lord?

I am just wondering, what is the best way to lead a loved one to the Lord? Do you set them down and tell them that God loves them and that they need to be saved? Or do you threaten them with Hellfire and Brimstone?
I know that I have tried all of the above in my past, but I have also found that none of the above has worked for me! You can't lead someone to the Lord if the person doesn't feel the Holy Spirit tugging at their heart. It just won't happen!
I have found that just living your life in the strength of the Lord, along with loving and caring for your loved one, is the best way to reflect the love of God, and as the end result, your loved one will be drawn to the Lord.
Have you every heard the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?" I have found that to be so true when trying to lead the ones I love to the Lord. It just can't happen when I am pushing and shoving them to the cross. I believe that we just need to pray for our loved one to respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit in their lives! Pray for God's protection over them and ask the Lord to gently lead them to the one who loves them enough to die for their sins.
So, the next time you feel like cramming God down someone's throat, think twice! Don't try to force your beliefs on them, just live the life that Jesus asks you to live and soon those you love will see the beautiful love that radiates through your life and want to be a part of it themselves!

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Crochet n Pray said...

You're so right, Char. You can't force God down anyone's throats, you can just live your life the way Christians should and hope that others see it and want what you have :)