Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How does your life touch others?

I often sit and ponder the question, "How does my life touch others?" I think about how I act and interact with other people in every day tasks. I also think about how I might treat a waitress or waiter.
Just stop and think for a moment, how does your life touch you treat others with respect? Are you kind? Would they be able to tell by your actions if you are a Christian or not?
I spend a lot of my time chatting on I belong to the C.AS.T. (Christian Artist Street Team). When I speak to others on there, I pray that God will use me to lift them up and comfort them when they are feeling pain or loss...or maybe just having an off day. I hope that my few words will make a difference in their lives! I know that these people have made a difference in my life! They have faithfully prayed for my families, friends, and myself. I have seen many answers to prayers!
Think about how you treat people when you're driving down the road...are you courteous? I know it's easy to just drive by someone as they are trying to get into the flow of traffic from maybe a gas station or convenient store. If we just leave a car length when we see someone sitting there trying to get out of the parking lot, give them a smile and a nod, they most likely will pull out in front of you. Such a simple task can be such a blessing to others!
What if you're driving down the road and someone puts their blinker on and wants to get over in front of you? Do you kindly slow up a bit and motion them into your lane?
I have one lady that I have dealt with on Etsy that has blessed me beyond compare. Her name is Laurie! I have lots of people that I consider dear friends on Etsy...more than I can list here, but Laurie has blessed me more than she'll ever know! She has become a very dear friend! She writes me covos all the time and shares so many cute stories with me! She makes me laugh!
She has also been an amazing customer, she keeps ordering things from me and when she sends her check for the items, it usually comes at just the right time, when things are tight financially! I know for a fact that God has used Laurie Ryan to bless me! I truly feel that God sent her into my life to give me the encouragement I need to keep doing what I do, making jewelry! Just when I'm feeling that I'm just being overlooked on Etsy, Laurie comes a long and buys something from me....of all the people on Etsy, and it makes my confidence soar again!
Laurie does beautiful photography! I have two of her tiger photos mounted in oak frames and hanging on my wall in my living room. They are so bright and clear! If you'd like to check out her site, here is her website: Feel free to bless her by either getting something from her shop or dropping her an encouraging convo! She's a wonderful person to work with!
So you see how you can bless others, by praying for others, being kind, saying a kind or lifting someones spirit! Be encouraging to others, because you'll never know what a difference you could make in their lives! Lord bless you all!!!

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