Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Found the Deal of the Century Today

I found the deal of the Century today!!! I went to lunch with the hubby and I decided to drop my my favorite thrift store to see if there were any treasures there...sure enough...after skimming through some dresses that would never fit me...I waltzed of to the furniture section to see if there was anything there there that would float my boat...and sure enough there it was...a real wood maple full sized student desk!!! You'll never guess in a million years how much I paid for it.....so I'll tell ya...it was only, get this.....99 Cents!!!! That's right, less than $1.00!!!! Can you believe it? Even the knobs on the desk are worth more than 99 Cents!!!
So that tops my all time record of best deals, which was $24.99 for a working Kitchen Aide mixer! Before that my best deal was a full business sized Oak desk for $5.00!
I sometimes wonder if God is directing me to these specific thrift stores, just to bless me! God knows how much I looooove to shop!!! =)
Well....I am sooo happy about my new maple desk, yes...it has a few scratches on it, but i could be refinished and be worth a bunch more than I paid for it! I'm really happy with it just the way it is! =)
So if you feeling bored...check out your local thrift store, because you just never know what kind of treasure you may stumble upon! =)

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