Monday, November 10, 2008

Support Our New President

I have chosen to remove all of my post about Obama vs. McCain from my blogpost, due to the fact that I want to be a good American Citizen and support our new President, just as John McCain said we should do!
We are all Americans and we need to pray for our President. We must lay aside our differences and throw our support behind our new President and at least give him a chance to prove himself!
I appreciate all of those who posted comments on my previous blogs about the elections, and I hope you are o.k. with the fact that I want to stay on a positive note, in hopes that it will help all of us become one Nation, not a Divided Nation!
So whenever you think about it, pray for the President! It will help our Nation become stronger and live up to our name...'The United States of America!"


mattscraftywife said...

That was a wonderful thing to do Char! Very spirit given idea I think :) I will pray for him whether I like him or not.

Charsbeads4u said...'re too cute!
I just feel we should pray for him to make Godly choices. One thing I know for sure, it can't hurt! =)