Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Newest Guitar Pick Bracelet

I was recently contacted by a very nice person on Etsy and she requested that I design a guitar pick bracelet that she could purchase. She asked me to make a guitar pick bracelet, much like the guitar pick necklace that I make, with the sparkle cross on the guitar pick.
I went right to work and created this guitar pick bracelet! I took 5 pictures of it and then went to my Etsy site,, and I posted it reserved for this woman; well she bought it right away! I guess she liked the guitar pick bracelet I created! I liked it so well, I think I'll create more guitar pick bracelets to sell in my shop!
I know a lot of teen girls and guys that would love to wear a guitar pick bracelet along with their guitar pick necklace. I would like to make myself a set that matches!
Even though I make jewelry, you'd be surprised, I really don't make myself a ton of things! It seems that every time I create something new, I think to myself..."Oooh...that will sell!"
There are so many things in my shop that I'd love to own myself...well...maybe some day!