Monday, July 28, 2008

Treasuries are such a blessing

I have so many wonderful friends at Etsy who help me to get more sales that I would ever get on my own. They are so very sweet to help me by putting my creations in their treasuries that they create! It's a way for others to see a group of someones favorite picks!
Speaking of picks....I just got picked for a really nice treasury by a good friend on Etsy. Her name is Kelli and her shop's name is and she's a really sweet person I talk to almost every day. It's such a blessing to be picked for a treasury...and I appreciate each and every one I have been in!
Listed above is another treasury I was listed in...mine is the pink guitar pick necklace. is the one responsible for creating this lovely treasure listed with my pink guitar pick necklace in it!
I love making guitar pick necklaces, they are the most fun to create! The guitar picks are fun to drill and fun to string! I think I love guitar pick necklaces most because I love playing guitar and singing so much!

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