Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How can we end homelessness?

I've been thinking about homeless people lately and wondering if there is a way to help them get back into the stream of the working society and help them take back their independance.
I think that there should be some kind of government program that helps them get back on track, but I wonder how many people would actually do it. Some of the homeless don't really want to work, they would rather depend on others to give them what they need to survive.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a heartless person, and I know that their are people who have fallen on hard times, I'm not speaking of those type of people; I'm talking about the people who refuse to do anything to get back into society and be productive.
Another thing to consider is the fact that a lot of people who are wanted by the law are hiding behind a full beard, dark glasses and a cap, and they are able to escape the authorities because they have no way to track them down. When you work, you have to show your Social Security Card, that way the government can track you're income and know where you are.
If somehow it were illegal to be homeless and you would be taken into custody and taken to a facility that could help you get back on track, not put in jail or fine a person, but some kind of a holding facility until you did comply.
There is a panhandling law, but the officers don't enforce it! It's very uncomfortable for me to pull up to a light and have someone trying beg money for whatever, you just never know what they're going to use the money for. I'm not going to judge them, but I know for a fact a lot of them are not using it for a good use. I've seen plenty of them scamming and then go to the nearest liquor store or worse. Don't get me wrong....I have given money to people before if I felt there was a honest need, but it's been few and far between, because most of the time I feel they are lying to me.
I've given money before and I've bought food for homeless people who have asked for help, but I've also had people get angry and refuse to accept the offer. They actually got very angry and cussed me out for implying that they weren't able to handle the money that I should give them and felt as though I was making them seem incapable of making their own choices. All I did was offer to go to Jack-in-the-Box and buy them food! Ugh!
Lets do something to get these people back into the working force of our society! Make them get a job, if they are able, or go to facility until they decide to comply! If they are not physically able to get a job, get them disablility or if they aren't mentally capable, get them the help they need and get them off the streets!
I don't know what can be done, but I know that the each state could find some kind of jobs to help these people get back into the flow of society, it would benefit everyone!
Tell me what you think! What do you think could be done to help these people and at the same time, keep those who are criminals from having a place to hide out and blend in with those who truly do need help?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what can be done, I do agree with you on something should be done. It does upset me at times when they have a sign that they need money for food but when You offer to buy them a meal or food they refuse, they want the money,so that tells me they prolly are conning me.