Monday, February 25, 2008

When the light meets the darkness

What can you do if you are light and the path you take intersects you with someone who is in darkness? Do you confront it, or are you just close your eyes and sit quite and let is pass by? How about speaking what's on your heart? What if it offends someone?

All of these questions are very simple, but the answers are much harder to find! God asks us to not be ashamed of Him. He also asks us to be kind to one another. He asks that we would treat others like we wish to be treated. Are we wrong to get angry when we cross the path of one who is in darkness and they throw God in your face or mock you?

I'm curious....what do you do when you are confronted with darkness?


*AS said...


This question is the hardest question of ALL. If it could be answered and practiced perfectly, then all wars would cease. All fighting would end. Peace would win out and prevail.

The Bible teaches us to love our enemies. To be walking beacons of the Light of Christ. When we come across someone who does not know the Lord, and who makes that lack of knowledge apparent in their actions and words, it is our responsibility to emulate Jesus in that exact moment. We are to show them love and compassion as well as instant forgiveness.

To hold someone accountable for something they do not know or have not been correctly introduced to, is to say that a small child should have full understanding of the world. We would never reprimand a child for not being able to walk when they have not developed to that point. It is the same with an undeveloped soul. To reprimand them is futile and can often cripple their development.

But to love and to encourage them in their growth by standing as a shining example, something for them to emulate, then you have won the battle.

You are showing your belief in God and in Jesus when you are a walking example of their love and teachings.

If the world could learn this, we would have that olive branch.

Peace be to all in Jesus name.


Crochet n Pray said...

Is this picture YOU or someone else?

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