Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My brother's near death experience

My brother was talking to me one day and we got around to the subject of life after death. He commented that he wasn't afraid to die anymore, due to a near death experience he had one day! I was facinated and wanted to hear more, so he began to tell me of how this transpired.
He had taken some penicillin and began to feel really bad, so he told his wife to drive him to the hospital, they just got to the emergency room window and my brother spoke to the woman sitting there trying to understand why he was there. He began to speak, "I think I'm having an allergic......" That was all he got out of his mouth when he collapsed to the floor, then he said he remembered flying through what he described as a dark tube, much like when you go to the water parks and you spiral through those tube, but this was like hyper-speed....he saw a light in the far off distance, but he was approaching it really quickly...he say a figure there and the closer he got, he could see it was Jesus, when he at last reached Jesus he saw and felt more love than could he thought he could contain, he said that Jesus spoke to him without moving his lips, it was like a mental connection, Jesus told him to return it was not his time. My brother said it was in an instant he felt himself be sucked back at an excelerated pace and he awakened....then the doctor said to him, "Boy, that was a close one!" I don't think the doctor realized just how close!
My brother told me that he has a perfect peace about leaving this earth now....he's not afraid anymore! I have to say...based on what my brother experienced, I would have to say that I am no longer afraid to pass from this life on into whatever God has planned for me!
I saw Jesus once in a dream I had and when I came upon him he was standing with 3 other woman with his back toward me. I knew instinctively that it was my Lord and Savior, then he turned and looked at me and I fell to the ground, I was overwhelmed by the pure love and peace I felt. For the first second when I first saw him, I felt such shame for all the wrong I had done in my life, but when he turned to look at me it all just melted into peace! I have no words to describe how pure this love was that I felt, the feeling was that of total forgiveness, peace and love all rolled into one amazing feeling! All I know is from that day on I wanted to feel that same feeling again.....and I await the day when I shall see him face to face!


mattscraftywife said...

"I Can Only Imagine"


Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! God is so good.


Lucy79 said...

Praise God!! I have had a vision of Jesus also, and I experienced that amazing love that just can't even be described too! Heaven will bo so wonderful!