Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jewelry, how to express yourself!

I have thought a lot about jewelry and how it really is an expression of what a person is feeling on the inside! Some days are sparkling bright, while other days might be a little more reserved.
Jewelry can also add a lot to a plain outfit. It is the means in which we communicate who we are and what we like!
Some women like their jewelry to be nice and dainty, while others would prefer the big chunky type of beads. Some women like pearls and others would rather have a plain black satin cord with a simple silver cross adorning them.
Men fall into this category too! There are some men who would prefer not to wear jewelry at all, maybe afraid to look to effeminate, but some men wear it boldly, as to make a statement of some kind. Some like jewelry that is plain and simple, while others love the bling! There are guys that love guitar pick necklaces, and you can tell that they love music.
So you see, whatever your taste is, jewelry is the way you can express it!

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